Gettin Naked

That's what I'm going to be doing now that my PALETTE came in! Y'all, I seriously let out a little squeal when I opened the package this morning and realized it was my UD Naked Palette. I received an email when the package was shipped that estimated the delivery for this thing on Sept 21 - so you can image my joy when this baby showed up almost a week early!

I haven't started playing with it yet, but it's a good assumption that once I finish this post, I will be washing my face and painting on something new and naked. Shmee.

I also went out to Sally Beauty Store and a couple drug stores for a few things - makeup related. obvi. I want to share all about the great finds and perfect lipsticks I came across, but I may save that for another day (and you may not even care). You know sometimes you go out shopping and it's a "good shopping day" - much like a "good hair day" - well, I had one of those.

Good sales, good prices, good colors - all that girl stuff.

On a side and completely unrelated note: I also have been in conversation with a couple contract companies and between them, I hope one is able to find a job for me soon! And one that is reasonably close to where we live. Everyone seems to really care about me and my needs, and want to hire me into their company - we just need some openings! Fingers crossed.

(I can see where this post is going - ramblings - so I'm going to stop. here.)

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