Compliments and Realizations

After Chris finished his dinner tonight he said, "Baby, that was delicious. You have been killing dinner! How did this happen? You get married and you are all of a sudden cook?"

I smiled and took in the nice compliment.

Truth is, when we would see each other on the weekends, the last thing I wanted to do was get in the kitchen. Well, that's not completely true. I just didn't do it. It was easier to go out instead of grocery shop and make due with the limited equipment in his kitchen. But I'm cooking now and loving it!

On a side note, I got overly excited tonight while preparing food to cook. I was making baked sweet potato fries and I had three large sweet potatoes to peel and slice. I started with first one and it was taking a little too long. It was hard and I wasn't enjoying it. All of a sudden I realized that... I GOT A PEELER AS A WEDDING GIFT!

What a great realization! Peelers are so nice. So nice. 

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Arianne said...

This made me laugh. Your blog is so cute! Have fun with the DIY and rug hunt.

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