How I almost had a nervous breakdown in the middle of the movie theater concessions line:

Sounds serious, huh? It is.

Chris and I travel to our local movie theater to catch a showing of The Switch (yes, it's a good one). After we find our seats, I decide a bag of pop corn and a coke would make this good moment great. I proceed to the line and I take a look up at price board. I ask two people in front of me and one guy behind me if we were on Punk'd. I could buy two and a half 12-packs of Coke for the price of a small one here at this theater and I could buy two 6-pack boxes of Extra Buttery popcorn for the price of a small popcorn. I almost jumped out of line six times before the taller version of Justin Bieber asked me what I would like. I shamelessly handed him my card and walked away with our popcorn and coke and my head hanging down in defeat. The theater pricing gods won tonight, but never again.

Lessons learned:
a.) If you contemplate the exit of a line for ill-priced snacks more than five times, let the sixth time be the charm.
b.) Pack your own snacks if you aren't going to the movie theater on Stimulus Tuesdays when popcorn and drinks are $1.

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